Effective Tips to Be a Happy Tenant

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Being a tenant is not easy. Tenants across the UK can face numerous problems casued by their landlords. some of which can end up in court. With the heating up of the UK property market and the rise in house prices it has meant an increased demand for rental property. More potential tenants are now competing for each property.
This article offers some tips to help tenants rent properties in a hassle free way. Carry paperwork: When competing for renting, the most effective way to persuade a potential landlord is being prepared. To get an edge over the rest of the applicants, carry these along with you when you go to visit the landlord – a current and updated credit report copy, references in writing from colleagues, employers and previous landlords and a complete rental application.
Review the rental lease: Review each and every condition in the tenancy agreement carefully, prior to signing on that dotted line. A rental agreement or lease may have one or more provisions, which are unacceptable for you, such as restrictions on operating a home business, design modifications, pets and guests. Get everything in written form: Obtain everything in written form for preventing misunderstandings and disputes with your landlord.


Copies of all correspondence should be kept and create a letter out of an oral agreements with the landlord. The letter is a proof of your understandings through the oral agreement. During your tenancy too, keep everything in written form. For instance, if you request a repair to your landlord, make a request in written form and have its copy with yourself. If the landlord gives his consent orally, send him a letter as a confirmation. Safeguard your privacy rights: Apart from disputes on security deposits and rents, other common misunderstandings can arise, which can often become contentious.


This problem is related to the right of the landlord to enter the rental unit, and the right of the tenant to have privacy. Tenants should understand their privacy rights. For example, they should what notice the landlord needs to give prior to entering a rental unit. Such knowledge will help you protect your privacy rights. You can get all valuable information on privacy rights of tenants with the help from a letting agent.

Demand repairs if necessary: Tenants have the right to stay in rental units with habitable conditions. Landlords are bound to provide livable conditions to tenants such as structural safety, sanitary hygiene, cleanliness, heat, electricity, water and weatherproofing. In case your rental unit does not have livable condition and needs repairs, you can take several actions like withholding a part of the rent, paying yourself for the repairs and reducing that amount from the rent, and calling building inspector.

With these tips, you can make sure to have hassle free tenancy tenure. Real estate agents can help you find suitable properties for renting in your desired neighbourhood. Summary: Tenants face a number of problems while renting. Understanding your rights and responsibilities goes a long way to ensuring a positive experience. http://www.nihe.gov.uk/index/advice/renting_privately/advice_landlords/general_guidelines_landlords.htm