Estate Agents Advice: Preparing Your House For Viewings

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Anyone who wants to offer a property for rent must prepare for the process to receive the biggest return on investment. Finding the right tenant can mean the difference between a lucrative rental agreement and problems that may decrease your profits. Before you welcome new tenants into a building, there are many things to consider when preparing your rental property for customer viewings.

Put yourself in the shoes of the prospective renter – what are they looking for in a place to live, and think about what would appeal to them. First impressions are extremely important when looking for a good tenant. You want your place looking its best before you schedule a walk through with a potential tenant.

Most lettings agents operate in fiercely competitive local property markets, and know the shortcuts to guaranteeing success. Often there can be a trendency to over-complicate the process, but simple solutions can bring terrific results.

Take time to ensure interior and exterior of the property is neat and clean. Hire a professional gardener to mow the lawn, prune hedges, and remove any unsightly weeds. This improves curb appeal and offers potential tenants a great first impression before they even walk inside. Adding a coat of paint to the window frames and door can vastly improve the exterior without having to paint the entire building, or cost a fortune.

Hire a professional cleaning service to steam clean carpets, upholstery, and curtains. Make sure all kitchen and bathroom fixtures are clean with no traces of mold or water stains. The tenant must agree to return the property in the same condition at the end of the tenancy, normal wear and tear excepted. If the building is clean when a tenant moves in, you can expect it to be clean when the tenant moves out.

Make sure everything inside the house is in good working condition. Replace all burned out light bulbs and fix any leaky water taps. Fill in any holes in the walls and replace all broken or cracked tiles in the kitchen and bathroom. It is easier to make repairs before the tenant takes occupancy and sends the message that you care about the building’s condition and appearance. This gives tenants peace of mind that you will not ignore maintenance requests in the future.

Inspect all kitchen appliances and make any necessary repairs. If the appliances are old, consider replacing them with updated models. Purchasing new appliances will increase the overall value and may allow you to raise the rental price. It also reduces the likelihood of you having to make expensive repairs during the tenancy.

You must gather the necessary paperwork before signing a rental contract. You are required by law to provide the tenant with a valid energy performance certificate. You must also provide tenants with a gas safety certificate issued by a qualified CORGI approved technician.

Making the proper preparations before showing your property to potential tenants can ensure you attract the best possible applicants. Making improvements can increase property value allowing you to ask for a higher monthly rent. Following these steps enables you to increase your return on investment.