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Estate Agents Advice: Preparing Your House For Viewings

Posted by on Nov 30, 2015 in Letting Agents | Comments Off on Estate Agents Advice: Preparing Your House For Viewings

Anyone who wants to offer a property for rent must prepare for the process to receive the biggest return on investment. Finding the right tenant can mean the difference between a lucrative rental agreement and problems that may decrease your profits. Before you welcome new tenants into a building, there are many things to consider when preparing your rental property for customer viewings.

Put yourself in the shoes of the prospective renter – what are they looking for in a place to live, and think about what would appeal to them. First impressions are extremely important when looking for a good tenant. You want your place looking its best before you schedule a walk through with a potential tenant.

Most lettings agents operate in fiercely competitive local property markets, and know the shortcuts to guaranteeing success. Often there can be a trendency to over-complicate the process, but simple solutions can bring terrific results.

Take time to ensure interior and exterior of the property is neat and clean. Hire a professional gardener to mow the lawn, prune hedges, and remove any unsightly weeds. This improves curb appeal and offers potential tenants a great first impression before they even walk inside. Adding a coat of paint to the window frames and door can vastly improve the exterior without having to paint the entire building, or cost a fortune.

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